Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nia Long's Beauty Secrets

After watching the stunning Nia Long host Black Girls Rock, I hopped on my labtop and did some goggling. I can't help but wonder how she stays looking so young. I mean she doesn't look like she has aged one bit. I came across a slideshow on that highlights 15 or so of Nia Long's "beauty secrets". I was so happy to find out that many of the products I love Nia uses as well. Clarisonic being one of them! Follow the link to see how Nia manages to wow us with her natural beauty everytime she hits the screen.


  1. Nia, one of my beauty muses. Great post b/c I was thinking the same thing watching BGR. By the by, I'm going to be haunting this blog-- to support my fave aesthetician:) so keep the posts coming.
    p.s. hyperlink the link so readers can just click and go!
    Loves it, you rock Tiffo

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  3. Thanks Mabel! I'm glad you're enjoying it. Nia's one of my favorites too.